Another Vancouver Alleyway May Be Transformed into a Vibrant Public Space, Vancouver Magazine

“And now the alley behind the historic Orpheum is getting a similar treatment. “This particular one is the extrovert of all the things that happen in the Commodore Ballroom and in the Orpheum Theatre,” says Gauthier. “We’re basically taking the entertainment that’s happening inside those venues where you need a ticket to get in, and we’re putting it on the outside and making it accessible and free.””

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The Problem With Wars on Drugs, From Nixon to Duterte, The Diplomat

“The Philippines is at a crossroads. Years of distrust against a political system that has perpetuated elite rule allowed an “outsider” to rise above with the hopes of permanently changing Philippine institutions. However, Duterte is no different than the leaders before him, and he may in fact be more dangerous. His willingness to undermine the fractured judicial system through his drug war instead of working on its reform is a political project that contradicts the fundamental aims and values of a true democracy.”

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(New Year’s) Resolutions to Duterte’s War on Drugs, McGill International Review

“If President Duterte hopes to complete his 2018 New Year’s resolution and make his country more peaceful and developing, the answer lies in a shift in attitude and treatment towards the indigent in Filipino society…Providing access to addiction treatment, shifting social policies, altering the addict’s environment, and producing economic opportunities for the impoverished are arduous endeavours, but they are more likely to succeed than the false dream of perfection that waging costly wars on drugs promises.”